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Routing Number: 272485385

Fast4ward Payday can deliver your payroll, retirement, or Social Security check to your 4Front account up to two (2) days early*!

Financial institutions initiating Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposits like payroll often schedule these funds for transmission through the Federal Reserve Bank for a later date. 4Front receives notification that these monies are scheduled to be transmitted and makes the funds available to our members up to two (2) days in advance. It's your money so why shouldn't it be in your account as soon as possible?

Fast4ward Payday works like this:

  1. Your employer provides its payroll files to the Federal Reserve Bank to initiate the direct deposit process.
  2. The Federal Reserve communicates to 4Front the amount of money you should receive with that depositor.
  3. 4Front deposits your money in your account as soon as we receive the direct deposit notification and you have early access to your monies!

This means that for traditional Friday paydays, 4Front receives notification from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, so you may have access to your funds up to two (2) days early* with Fast4ward Payday!

And not only do you get your funds faster, you don't need to do a thing to take advantage of Fast4ward Payday as it's automatically added to all 4Front accounts accepting ACH deposits.

*Preauthorized ACH credits received by 4Front Credit Union may be credited to accounts as soon as two business days prior to the scheduled posting date. If the ACH originator does not submit the information ahead of time, 4Front will be unable to deposit funds early. In this case your deposit will be posted on the scheduled posting day. 4Front is not responsible for fees or penalties resulting from transactions in advance of an early ACH credit posting.

Fast4ward Payday Frequently Asked Questions

When does Fast4ward Payday deposit my funds?

ACH deposit post times are entirely dependent on the originator, like your employer or a government agency providing you retirement benefits. Instead of holding on to your money and displaying it in your account as a "pending deposit" while waiting for payroll funds from your employer like most financial institutions do, 4Front immediately posts the deposit to your account when we receive the files. Remember, the files can come at different dates and times each pay period.

How does Fast4ward Payday work?

Instead of holding on to your money while waiting for Automated Clearing House (ACH) files payroll funds from your employer or government agency, 4Front immediately posts the deposit to your account when we receive notification the files are coming. ACH file notifications can arrive at different dates and times each pay period, but it's usually up to two days earlier than when you would get paid normally.

Which 4Front accounts include Fast4ward Payday as a feature?

All of 4Front's checking accounts (Straight4ward Rewards Checking, Money Market Checking) are automatically equipped with Fast4ward Payday.

If you have recurring Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposits coming into typically non-transactional accounts like 4Front Prime Share (Savings) or Money Market Share (Savings), you'll still enjoy the benefits of Fast4ward Payday.

Do I need to do anything to add Fast4ward Payday to my 4Front accounts?

No. Fast4ward Payday was automatically added to all 4Front accounts, beginning July 6, 2020.

Can I spend monies in my account that are listed as a "pending deposit"?

Good news! You likely won't see "pending deposit" attached to any more ACH deposits like your payroll or government retirement benefits. The full amount of these deposits will be made available to you as soon as we receive notification that the monies are on the way, up to two (2) days early in most cases!

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