Take stock of your financial priorities.
One of the hardest parts of a recession is not knowing what comes next, and when things will get better. That’s why it’s important to be clear about where you stand financially. Now is the time to understand what you’re spending today and to anticipate your needs over the next six months. To be well-prepared for a recession, a job loss or other financial hurdles, you’ll need an emergency fund that covers 3 to 6 months of living expenses.

Focus on debt repayment, if you’re able.
You might be worried about paying off outstanding debts in the coming months, like credit cards, utilities, or auto loans. If you experience a loss of income, you might have to forego paying one or more of these bills, so it’s important to understand which bills you need to pay. After all, if you lose income, you may not be able to pay every bill on time, or in full every month. And that will have a direct impact on your credit score.

Consider your career opportunities.
It’s important to have a back-up plan should you face a layoff. Refresh connections in your professional network. Update your resume. Pick up a side gig such as a rideshare app. Every little bit helps to help you stay ahead.

Try to bolster your emergency fund with our savings app, Plinqit®.
Job cuts may be looming, but they may be way off. Now is the time to put as much money into your emergency fund as possible. Get Plinqit, the simple, safe, and secure way to save. It’s linked to your online banking account, and lets you create up to five savings goals. Along the way, you can earn a little extra money by completing tutorials or referring friends.

Check out our chart-topping 3.56% APY* interest 30-month CD.
Another great way to bump up your emergency fund is to invest in our CD special.
In this uncertain economy, your portfolio needs a good mix.

Make an effort to stay on top of your financial situation.
It might not the most exciting thing to do, but keep track of spending. Maybe there’s an area you can painlessly give up - like that morning latte? Be sure to monitor your credit score. Within your online banking, 4Front offers Credit Score, powered by SavvyMoney® to help you stay on top of your score and what’s driving it.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield, or the effective annual rate of return, taking into account the effect of compounding interest. New money only. Membership is required with $1 deposit to open a Prime Share. A penalty may be charged for withdrawals made prior to end of term. Fees may reduce earnings. Funds insured by NCUA up to $250,000.

Credit: Equifax