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Routing Number: 272485385

Introducing a handy new way to pay bills with your online banking and 4FrontGo mobile banking! SameDay BillPay combines the convenience of online bill payment platforms with the speed and security of electronic transactions.

With thousands of eligible billers, from utilities to subscription services and plenty in between, SameDay BillPay is the bill paying solution you've been waiting for.

Stay on Top of Your Bills

Anticipate cashflow and budget better

Like our contextual personal financial management platform 4Sight FullView, SameDay BillPay provides a calendar of upcoming expenses, keeping you in front of your finances each month. Activate text and email notifications so you'll always know when bills are available and due dates are approaching.

Save Time and Worry Less

Eliminate the mail time required by traditional bill payment services

Traditional bill payment services rely on the mail to get your payment to the payee. And processing times can sometimes delay payments, incurring late fees or possible credit issues. SameDay BillPay is debit/credit card and ACH based, ensuring your payment reaches the payee as quickly as possible and removing the possibility of mailing delays.

Protect Your Card Information

Keep your card information off the web

SameDay BillPay allows you to pay your bills inside online or mobile banking and not have to share your 4Front debit or credit card information on a payee's website. That's one less opportunity for hackers to snag your sensitive information.

Reward Yourself

Earn card-based incentives when you pay bills

Whether you're working toward the 15 debit Mastercard transactions you need to help satisfy your Straight4ward Rewards Checking requirements or using your Rewards4You credit Mastercard to earn cash back, SameDay BillPay helps by allowing you to, you guessed it, pay by card!

SameDay BillPay FAQ

Where can I find SameDay BillPay?

SameDay BillPay can be found inside online banking or mobile banking in the Move My Money section.

How do I add a bill in SameDay BillPay?

Search for the payee you wish to add, select the payee, enter your login credentials and select VERIFY.

What if I'm unable to find a payee I wish to add?

SameDay BillPay offers partnerships with thousands of payees and is constantly adding providers, but you'll undoubtedly find some that it just doesn't support yet. Keep checking back to see if your provider becomes available. In the meantime, you can also utilize online Bill Pay (also available in online and mobile banking) to coordinate a check payment to your provider.

How do I make a bill payment?

To make an immediate payment, simply select the bill you want to pay, choose a payment method and click PAY NOW.

To schedule a payment, select the bill you wish to pay, choose a payment method, click SCHEDULE and select your requested payment date.

Can I set bills to be paid automatically?

Yes. Individual bills may be set for autopay by selecting the bill, visiting its settings and choosing automatic payment scheduling. Note that autopay must be selected for each individual bill you wish to pay automatically.

Can I change the payment schedule for a bill set to be paid automatically?

Yes. You can change the payment schedule at any time prior to the payment being processed. Visit the settings of the bill you wish to change and select PAYMENT SCHEDULE. You can choose from several scheduling options including ten days before the due date, five days before the due date, the day before the due date, on the due date or when the bill is issued.

Can I pay only a portion of a bill?

No. Partial payments are not permitted by the platform.

Can a bill be paid after it's due?

Bills may only be scheduled to be paid before or on the date they are due. In the event you forget to schedule a payment and a bill is past due, you are able to schedule the payment for that very day only.

What payment methods may I use?

Payments may be made with your 4Front smart debit Mastercard or your 4Front smart credit Mastercard.

How long does payment take once it's processing?

Payment will be made by the end of the day on your selected payment date. However, in rare cases, up to 24 hours may be required to complete the payment.

Note that it may take 1-3 days for a payment to be reflected by the payee, depending upon the provider and the payment method used. Weekends and holidays may also cause delays in payments being displayed.

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