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Business Smart Credit Cards

4Front CU Smart Credit Card Online AccessYou and your employees can pay for meals, client entertainment, travel expenses, office supplies, online orders and more with a 4Front Credit Union Business smart credit Mastercard featuring no annual fees, low annual percentage rates for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers and low service fees.

The 4Front Business smart credit Mastercard also offers the convenience of individual cards for your employees and the spending control of individual credit limits with attractive credit lines to meet your needs.

Engineered with chip security, your 4Front Business smart credit Mastercard features a built-in layer of fraud protection in the form of a microprocessor chip, ensuring your card must be present for transactions at chip-enabled retailer terminals.

To learn more, please see our compilation of frequently asked questions below or please contact our Business Development team at 231.932.5225.

Business Smart Credit Mastercard Frequently Asked Questions

Your 4Front smart credit card is accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Your smart card will enjoy the added layer of chip protection when you use it at retailers with chip-enabled terminals. If a retailer does not currently offer a chip-enabled terminal, your smart card includes a magnetic stripe to ensure you will still be able to complete your purchase, however, you will not enjoy the fraud protection of a chip-enabled transaction.

Because you are manually keying in your card number, expiration date, and CVV (3-digit number on back of card), purchasing goods or services online with a smart card does not differ in any way from how you make purchases with a non-smart credit card. While smart cards themselves do not offer additional security for online purchases, 4Front is pleased to offer Mastercard SecureCode for online shopping. Mastercard SecureCode works much like a personal identification number (PIN) at an ATM -- it's your private code attached to your 4Front smart credit card account that gives you an additional layer of online shopping security. Learn more about Mastercard SecureCode and register your 4Front smart credit Mastercard for this added protection by clicking HERE.

4Front’s selection of Mastercard as its exclusive credit card provider is rooted in delivering the most accessibility to our members since a credit card is only as good as the number of places you can use it. This is why 4Front no longer issues a combination of Visa and Mastercard credit cards and issues Mastercard exclusively. Mastercard enjoys a broader network of accepting merchants in the United States (more than 30 million U.S. retailers accept Mastercard, versus approximately 28 million domestic merchants take Visa).

Mastercard also has a clear advantage in international acceptance as it is welcomed in over 210 countries, compared to Visa's roughly 200 countries and territories.

The microprocessor chip embedded in smart cards creates a unique transaction code every time it is used at a chip-enabled terminal. The information contained in the magnetic strip affixed to non-smart cards never changes and makes it easier for hackers to steal your card information via a process called "skimming." "Skimming" is when someone copies data from a card's magnetic stripe and uses it to create a duplicate or counterfeit card. The chip embedded in smart cards communicates with the chip-enabled terminal while you are making your purchase to ensure that only the original card is being used for the transaction, and not a duplicate card being utilized by a wrongdoer.

Generally, smart cards will make it easier and more secure for you to make purchases in other countries. If you have traveled outside the U.S. in recent years, you've likely encountered some international retailers who only accept smart card and no longer accept magnetic stripe cards. This trend is expected to continue both internationally and domestically, as chip-enabled terminals become more prevalent in the U.S.

Making a payment at a chip-enabled terminal is a little different when using your smart card. Not all chip-enabled terminal look the same, but the process is similar with each. Rather than swiping your smart card, you will insert it into the front of the terminal with the chip facing up and leave the card in the terminal during the transaction. Follow the prompts on the terminal screen. If prompted, sign for your transaction or enter a PIN for ATM transactions. The card can be removed from the terminal once you are prompted to do so.

The process is similar to making a purchase at a chip-enabled terminal. Instead of inserting and immediately removing your smart credit card, you will leave it inserted in the ATM for the duration of your transaction. Some ATMs will securely grasp your smart credit card as soon as it detects the presence of the embedded chip, preventing you from removing it until you complete or cancel the transaction. Generally, on-screen prompts or ATM signage will alert you to what process you should expect from the specific ATM.

Enjoy around-the-clock access to your 4Front smart credit card account! Access transaction histories, download statements, and make online payments, by visiting

Report lost or stolen 4Front smart credit cards 24-hours a day by calling 844.269.3009 or 571.526.3951 (outside U.S.).

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Business Credit Card Rates

Business Smart Credit MasterCard
Effective Date: Thursday, April 27th, 2017
NameTermAPR as low as*
Business Smart
Credit MasterCard
Revolving Prime + 6.50%
*Rates determined by member's credit worthiness and down payment

Lost or Stolen Cards

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800.554.8969 (after hours)
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844.269.3009 (24 hours)
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