When the time comes to renovate your bathroom, think spa. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Some fresh paint and switching out your textiles can make a nice change. Or, if you are thinking bigger, check out our tips below!

1. New towels, splurge on the fluffiest

If you’re going to feel like you’re in a high end spa, you need to have the best towels. Keep them simple with no embroidery or frills, and opt for white or other light colors. Go for what feels soft against your skin and follow washing directions to help them stay in great shape. Don’t forget to switch out your shower curtain and rugs as well.

 2. Heated floors

No more cold tiles under foot. If you’re going to fully renovate, spend the extra money and install a heated floor system. There are a number of option to fit most scenarios so be sure to have the discussion with your contractor. Add more heat with a heated towel bar. So luxurious!

3. Create a bubble bar

Now is the time to pamper yourself. Collect a variety of bubble bath, bath bombs, scented oils, and bath salts without harsh chemical and dyes that can stain your beautiful soaking tub. This will add a bit of fun to your bath and also pamper your skin. For a true spa look, store them in a basket, or on a caddy or tray near the bathtub.

4. Multifunctional shower

No matter the size of your renovation, replace your current showerhead! Look at a massage showerhead with various spray settings or opt for a rain shower, which provides a gentle flow of water. Go a step further and get a combination unit with a rain showerhead and a handheld wand. You will never regret the upgrade!

5. Greenery

We said oasis and part of an oasis is the greenery! Look for simple, small plants like aloe or bamboo and place them on a windowsill or counter. Don’t know the first thing about plants? Use a fake one. We’ll keep your secret.

6. Set the mood

Look for a bath fan with a built in Bluetooth speaker. Find the perfect playlist for relaxing and let it stream around you. Into candles? Find some soothing scents and add them to your décor. Indulge in all of your senses and add an essential oil diffuser to fill the bathroom with a fragrance that pairs well with your mood. Try lavender, eucalyptus, or mandarin oils, which both relax and invigorate. If you can add a dimmer switch to your lights that can also help create the quiet serenity you’re aiming for.

7. Upgrade dispensers

Toss the soap, shampoo, lotion bottles and opt for sleeker and cohesive containers. It’s a major game changer in design and it takes very little effort.

9. Remember color

Nothing says pure like white walls and tiles. Get white fixtures, go for a white countertop, and utilize white tiles for the ultimate in spa purity. Want some color? Try to stick with lighter colors that soothe, like blues and greens or more neutral tones like beige and greys. But sure to avoid bright colors or high contrast!

Now that you have an idea of what will go into your new bathroom, get started! Need some help with cash? Contact 4Front to learn more about our Home Equity Lines of Credit or our Home Equity Loans.