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4Front Credit Union

Scheduled maintenance Sunday, April 16 from 7:00 am - noon ET

Our virtual banking platform will undergo necessary maintenance Sunday, April 16 from 7:00 am - noon ET. During this maintenance period, Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking will be unavailable.

We apologize for inconvenience incurred during this downtime as we work to implement this important update as rapidly as possible.

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Mobile Banking with 4FrontGo

4FrontGo is the mobile extension of our virtual banking platform offering every bit and more of the functionality you find with our desktop version. Unlike its relatively stationary sibling, it hates to be tied down and prefers the lush woods, shimmering waters, and vibrant downtowns of northern Michigan to the top of a desk or your lap.

To help you maximize the value you receive from 4FrontGo and its companion online banking platform we offer an Online Banking Help guide offering handy walk-throughs and video tutorials.

Mobilize Your Money  Financial control... unplugged

Featuring the full complement of services offered by its wired relative, 4FrontGo delivers mobility and more, offering mobile check deposit, text banking, and alerts to round out its robust complement of services.

Connection Consistency  One platform, two ways to connect

Consistency between 4FrontGo and desktop online banking makes transitioning between platforms a snap. No more learning two systems to manage one account.

Mobile Check Deposit  Make deposits on the go

4FrontGo offers mobile check deposit which allows enrolled users to endorse the back of their qualified check with "For Mobile Deposit Only", snap a photo of the front and back, and deposit the check into their 4Front account without having to visit a location or deposit-accepting ATM.

Some deposit requirements and limitations apply including:

No. of checks deposited per day:
Cumulative deposit limit per day:
No. of checks deposited per month:
Cumulative deposit limit per month:
Single item deposit limit:

Funds deposited via mobile check deposit will generally be made available the third business day after the day of deposit, unless an additional hold is required. For example, a deposit submitted on a Monday would generally be available on Thursday. Deposits made on weekends and credit union holidays will not be considered received until the next business day. If a hold is required for the deposit, users will be able to view the status in the Pending menu in online/mobile banking.

Mobile check deposit users are required to accept the Mobile Check Deposit User Agreement before utilizing this service.

How Can I Get 4FrontGo?  A few easy steps...

4FrontGo requires enrollment in online banking, but don't worry - it's easy! Simply enroll in online banking following the steps outlined in the frequently asked questions below and visit the App Store or Google Play with your compatible smart device to download 4FrontGo. After entering your Login ID and password at 4FrontGo's credential screen, you'll be enjoying the freedom of wireless account management in no time!

Scan the QR codes below with your smart device to download 4FrontGo

4FrontGo App download

4FrontGo download

4FrontGo App download

4FrontGo download

4FrontGo Frequently Asked Questions

4FrontGo works seamlessly with the online banking platform, making managing your finances simpler and faster. You’ll be able to perform the same tasks, no matter which device you choose, no matter where you are.
4FrontGo even offers a few extra bells-and-whistles to making banking on the go even more convenient...
  • Mobile remote deposit capture (MRDC) allows you to deposit a check virtually anywhere with your smart device and have access to a portion of those funds almost immediately.
  • Text banking allows you to check balances, review your history, and transfer funds, with just a few taps of your finger. Text messaging rates may apply.
  • Customizable real-time mobile alerts keep you always in-tune with what's happening with your account.

Download the iOS version from the App Store and the Android version from Google Play starting on May 4, 2015.

4FrontGo is supported on Android devices (Android OS 4.0 and higher) and iOS devices (iOS version 7.0 and higher). A device with a rear-facing, auto-focus camera is required to utilize the Mobile Remote Device Capture (MRDC) feature.

If you are a new member, select the green Online Banking Enroll Here button on the homepage. You'll be asked to provide information to verify your identity, but will be enjoying the convenience of our virtual banking services in no time!

Due to enhanced features, new business members will need to contact us to be connected to virtual banking.

If you are a current member who has not logged into online banking since May 3, 2015, please select the green Online Banking Enroll Here button on the homepage. After providing a bit of information to verify your identity, you'll be connected with your new online banking experience quickly and easily.

Yes. The Cash Management version was designed exclusively for businesses and offers several service enhancements. These enhancements include individual user account management rights, wire transmission, and tax payment features.

Utilizing 4FrontGo is easy after you've enrolled in our virtual banking platform.

Mobile check deposit allows you to take a picture of a check with your smart device and deposit the funds into your eligible 4Front checking and savings accounts. This service offers almost immediate access to a portion of your deposited funds fund availability and eliminates the need for a trip to the branch or deposit-taking ATM. Some limits and restrictions apply. A device with a rear-facing, auto-focus camera is required to use mobile check deposit.

Enrolling is quick and easy. From the Accounts Home page, click Services > Mobile Deposit Enrollment. Follow the short steps, including reviewing and accepting the Mobile Check Deposit User Agreement. You're now ready to deposit checks from practically anywhere!

After completing the mobile check deposit enrollment process, use your mobile device to select Transactions > Deposit Check. Select the account to which you wish to deposit the check and key in the check amount. Endorse the back of your check with "Mobile Deposit Only" and snap photos of both the front and back, taking care to ensure the image of the back includes the "Mobile Deposit Only" endorsement on the left side of the frame. Upon verifying the details and the images, click Submit Deposit. Please note that you must access mobile banking via the 4FrontGo app to utilize mobile check deposit. Some limits and restrictions apply.

Users enjoy enhanced login security for added protection of your accounts with virtual banking, including the generation of a Secure Access Code for instances when users wish to log-in from a public computer terminal such as those found in libraries and coffee shops.

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